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Sleepy Saturday

August 21, 2010

My mother found this the other day and said that it reminded her of me, so of course I had to share with you all! To see all the other really cute vintage items hop on over to the Jack and Friends store.

I just wanted to share a few of the things going on today that I am excited about.

First of all, today is the first football game of the season for my oldest son D. He will play for his school team and it’s always a hoot to go out and watch the boys. I can’t wait to get out there this morning with my camera and yell and shout and cheer for the boys! All of the grandparents and maybe even some great grandparents will be there. Here he is last year in his jersey #32.

In mentioning the great grandparents, I would like to add that my boys are so blessed to be able to know 5 great grandparents. I knew some of my greats and am SO VERY thankful that I have wonderful memories of them. They are also fortunate to have such active grandparents around. They just love going to spend time with them. I am amazed when I see how awesome mine and my husband’s parents are at being grandparents! They all make it look so easy!!!

Okay, second thing I am excited about. I am reading a new book through the kindle app on my iphone called Domestic Diva: The Lost Art of Homemaking by Debbie Bridgewater. This sweet lady is a pastor’s wife who married her highschool sweetheart at the age of 18 and set to housekeeping as many women do. Although, with mom’s having to work outside the home more and more (sometimes holding multiple jobs) and very little Home Ec. teaching, many girls/women were coming to her to learn just how to be a housewife/homemaker. So many things that parents aren’t able to teach their children these days because everyone is just trying to survive.

I do think, though, that homemakers are making their come back and that slowly some families are going back to a simpler time. My mother and I were discussing etiquette when I was preparing to marry my husband and I told her, it’s unfortunate, but think about the fact that parents aren’t really teaching their children etiquette like they used to. Many people only realize how little they know about etiquette when reprimanded for not using it.

Please do not think I am coming down on anyone, we have been just as guilty with D and are now trying to set up lessons here and there to help him along. He learned “Yes Ma’am” and “No Sir” at a very early age and not to talk with your mouth full, but it occurred to me the other day that if I asked him to set a table he would have no clue how to set a proper table. Oops, my mistake! So I have started setting more formal tables complete with no elbows on the table and may I be excused.

And lastly, I am very excited because my sweet momma, who is an EXTREMELY gifted and talented graphic designer, will be working on a logo/banner for my blog that will be completely unique to me! I am so excited that I can’t stand myself! I will also be listing her as a sponsor for all her help with the blog design. When you see what she can do I know you will be wanting her info too ~*wink wink*~

So all you wonderful ladies have a fabulous Saturday. And if there is something that you are excited about today, please leave a comment and tell me what it is. I love hearing about your lives as well!

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  1. August 22, 2010 8:27 am

    stopping by from SITS – sounds like you had a marvelous weekend! I knew two of my greats, and my kids also have two greats to look up to… I think it’s wonderful!

    • August 22, 2010 8:40 am

      Thanks Heather! It truly is wonderful, they are such a fount of knowledge and wisdom!

  2. August 23, 2010 7:47 am

    Stopping by from SITS.

    It’s a scary moment when you realize your mom was right and even scarier when you realize you sound just like her. I’m not the best homemaker but what I lack in etiquette and formality I make up for with cooking.

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