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My New Old Dining Room

August 18, 2010

I am so excited to announce that one of my big projects has come to a close! When we moved into the smaller apartment back in May, we had to get rid of the big table and chairs that we had in our dining room.

We took our china cabinet, the round table from the kitchen in the house (given to me by my mom), and rounded up 5 smaller chairs from thrift stores (total of $28 spent). Now, as you can imagine NOTHING matched! So I searched around and found the perfect fix! I painted everything to match in a very creative shabby chic way. To see the original idea, visit the blog below.

Blue China Cabinet

So here are a few pics from this endeavor from start to finish.

This has been a lengthy process, but well worth the results in the end! Check out the link above to get a tutorial on how to recreate this technique. Consequently the link is to one of my very favorite blogs, so look around a bit while you are there! I will be posting more pictures of the finished dining room later this week as I am putting the innards back into the china cabinet.

I am linking up with Table Top Tuesday

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