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Moon Money Management

February 26, 2010

If you know me, then you know that I have been studying and listening to Dave Ramsey for a while. You should also know that since my husband and I married in the summer of ’08, we have eliminated $21,000.00 of debt! We have paid off our credit cards, sold my car, paid off a couple of student loans, etc. At this time, we owe only our mortgage and student loans (I had several).

I love the idea that we could “owe no man anything but love”. My goodness what a concept! I have listened over and over to people say that they are debt free and felt a bit jealous. No longer will we feel jealous, we will work towards the same goal.

Recently, we began to give our weekly tithe according to my husband’s paycheck and have for a while now been putting 10% of every check into savings. As many have testified before us, it can be a long process and be somewhat painful at times, it can also be THRILLING when you write that check to the credit card company and KNOW that you will never again pay 18%+ on purchases.

My hope and prayer is for us to be completely debt free by the time Noah is in school. This may mean that I will home school him through kindergarten, maybe longer, but oh what joy! I am beginning to research homeschooling for both of my boys as an option. But I digress….

My point is that we are seeing a great improvement from one year to the next and by the grace of God we will continue to see improvements!

Often times I begin to worry, the house payment falls behind a bit, let’s face it, the economy has beaten many folks down. But then I look at the facts:

Fact 1: We have removed $21K worth of debt from off of our shoulders.

Fact 2: We did this even through overtime cutbacks which caused my husband to bring home $10K LESS this year.

Fact 3: I lost my job and have been meandering through multiple side jobs, and we still were able, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, to pay off that much debt!

The proof is there, we didn’t do anything special except to begin to listen to what God said about money and how to handle it. We no longer want to be “slaves to the lender” (Prov. 22:7), we want to be FREE!

Free to enjoy God’s mercy and blessings, free to enjoy our family without worrying about being able to care for their needs, free to help others! Imagine how many you could help feed if you didn’t have a house payment or a car payment. How many missionaries could you help to spread the gospel? How many families could you mentor to do the same?

The Bible says “to whom much is given, much is required in return” (Luke 12:48). We want to be the good stewards that God has called us to be. I want to help others to know this peace. I want to help the single mom to know this peace. I want young couples to know these principles and prepare BEFORE marriage; making sound decisions rather than emotional ones.

My husband and I did a lot of the don’ts when it comes to money management. Most of our choices were made because of an emotional crisis. This is why I want to change it, and I want to see others follow better standards. I want my children to know better!

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